Courses, Technique and Coaching

Bruce is available for workshops, seminars, formal classes and private coaching (theatre, film, TV). Courses can be designed according to your need, from half-day to two-weeks or longer. Rates are competitive and available upon request.

Coaching for theatrical auditions (grad schools, conservatory programs, Shakespeare and modern monologues); for television and film auditions. Hourly rates are competitive.

Chekhov – An advanced class that offers an in-depth look at Chekhov’s major plays (Seagull, Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters, The Cherry Orchard) with an emphasis on Script Analysis, determining Objectives, and playing Actions. The mystery of Chekhov’s genius is revealed through a layer by layer exploration of character relationships and the given circumstances, and by the peeling away of extraneous, self-oriented acting impulses. The actor’s work becomes pure, simple, and direct. As an advanced class, actors should be adept at basic acting fundamentals. The course is based on the work taught at Yale School of Drama for more than 20 years.

Shakespeare – An introduction and step-by-step approach to the English language’s greatest playwright. Through monologue work, students become knowledgeable and practiced with the fundamentals of Iambic Pentameter (blank verse). Students learn to understand the principles and structures of Rhetoric and how to identify Operative Words and how to personalize imagery. Language springs from a deep experience, and the expression of complex thoughts becomes easy and familiar. This work is strongly influenced by Kristin Linklater, Dennis Krausnick and Tina Packer of Shakespeare & Company, Lenox, Mass., with an emphasis on Verse Speaking.